Just what are you in search of on Tinder? Carry out guys just who say they need a relationship have more matches? Or will women become more expected to swipe directly on you in case you are sincere regarding your research hookups? It is a little bit of a tricky circumstance, especially for men who’re a new comer to the software.

As the most common dating software around, understanding the reason why women and men make use of the system is vital for internet dating achievements. Nevertheless, this short article shine some light regarding many and varied reasons that people utilize the app, along with what you could tell a female whenever she asks, « exactly what are you in search of on Tinder? » in order to get what you want. Let us start.

What Are Individuals Shopping For on Tinder?

There are certain things individuals seek out while

making use of Tinder

. Let us break it all the way down which includes stats that shed light on the reason why gents and ladies swipe about this application:

  • Tinder has actually 75 million monthly effective users

    , 7.8 million that are from the usa.

  • 76.9% of Tinder consumers are male, leaving roughly 23.1per cent of feminine customers.

  • Relating to a

    study performed by LendEDU

    , 9,700 respondents mentioned this amazing about exactly why they use Tinder:

    • 44per cent utilize it for « confidence-boosting procrastination »

    • 22per cent percent replied that they are « looking for a hookup »

    • 4percent mentioned these include « looking for a relationship »

    • 29per cent per cent answered that they make use of Tinder for « other reasons »

Getting these finally stats in your mind, let us check out what individuals want on Tinder centered on their particular targets.

Confidence-boosting procrastination

Actually ever match with several women on Tinder, only to have a conversation that goes nowhere? Like many programs, procrastination from other existence jobs is exactly what most men and women use Tinder for. Getting desired by men is a confidence boost for females, and people who need a pick-me-up throughout the day often move to Tinder to obtain their fix (although do not even bother meeting upwards personally).

Of these types of activities, recognize that weeding through time wasters and ghosters who will be looking ego boost are some of the inevitable encounters that are included with the reasonably new paradigm of online dating software.


Tinder’s major appeal can be a hookup program, where women are searching for sexual partners

Generally, hookups through Tinder follow a pattern:

  • Cam over Tinder

  • Exchange details to fulfilling up in a general public place, for example a bar or a restaurant

  • Having a brief in-person conversation or taking place this short date so she can screen out the weirdos and creeps

  • Going back to the woman destination

    or yours

Whether these are typically a one-night stand or serve as the foundation for a friends-with-benefits commitment relies upon the manner in which you do, just what the woman requirements tend to be, as well as other aspects within her existence.


Hookup culture
is definitely here to stay inside our modern internet dating globe many thanks in huge component to Tinder, but it’s quite normal for people to pursue interactions.

Tinder will act as a buffer to make certain an effective match from the get-go, so it is to both people to get together and find out if absolutely any chemistry for a short term or long-term relationship.

With matchmaking apps dominating what number of people meet the very first time, the nature of Tinder relationships is generally temporary; most likely, unless you fulfill the woman conditions, there is a massive many men (and women) at her disposal. That said, long-term interactions that shape from conference on Tinder may typical.

While satisfying through a hookup app might possibly not have equivalent « how we found » intimate first-encounter that conference directly have, Tinder still is a viable method to meet if you want to throw the largest net for compatible partners in your neighborhood.


The truth is, however, many women use dating programs to get friends. It’s usually a variety for females that are a lot more traditional and don’t like to ruin their unique reputation.

While Tinder provides a notoriety for being a hookup app, there still are plenty of women that use it as a way to expand their particular pal party beyond their own current social circles. Some women utilize this friendship as a screening period, in which males can attempt to obtain the woman depend on and parlay this friendship into getting decidedly more personal. Or, guys may simply get  »


« .

On a part note, pay attention to a female’s profile, particularly when she’s trying to find pals as a « plug », meaning medicine dealership. Looking at what number of fake pages there are, you might find your self in a sticky situation with law enforcement officials or other unsafe scenarios.

A third

Some women are combined, but seeking add spice to their particular union with a threesome. Commonly known as « a third », lovers make use of Tinder to acquire a sexual partner or go after a polygamous way of life.

Getting a third may include just being a hookup spouse for a partnered lady along with her partner’s knowledge, doing a sexual threesome, or seeking a significant union with a couple (for instance, a bisexual feminine pair).


Discover an expert tip: One of the little-discussed reasons why you should make use of Tinder actually to utilize the app for its intended use. As an alternative, you should use Tinder attain some info to meet ladies in real-life (or at least figure out who’s obtainable in your neighborhood).

Females have a tendency to include personal data within their Tinder users, including where it works, which school they sign up for, in which they volunteer, Instagram profiles, where they go out, and so forth. Assuming you are browsing her profile and learn that she works marathons, it’s likely that she is associated with local operating groups and maybe even an upcoming 5k.

It is up to you to determine whether you ought to swipe close to the woman profile to offer a go on the web. If she states yes, you’ll be able to proceed from that point. Or, if you want to

stay incognito on Tinder

, swipe kept and try to fulfill the woman in real-life activities.

Be aware that this plan can be a bit weird (especially in the event that you inform her the manner in which you found the girl), it can easily beat the probabilities whenever most women are overwhelmed with Tinder emails from males.

What Are You Trying To Find on Tinder?

Now that you’ve an understanding with the variety reasons that individuals utilize Tinder to get a brief or long-lasting partner, it isn’t really unusual for a lady to ask « Preciselywhat are you looking for on Tinder? ».

Issue might be made available to assess your interest level and screen out people who don’t suit what she is searching for. Here are some reactions you’ll provide when you’re up against this concern:

« I’m wanting fun. »

Who doesn’t like fun? This reaction is ambiguous enough to spark her fascination without offering the intentions. Most likely, women tend to be timid about exposing their sexuality to visitors, so offering a tantalizing response produces just a bit of mystery in her own head.

Keep in mind, even in the event she wishes an intimate encounter, its rare that she’s going to deliver a complete stranger an immediate reaction. And you can scare her down by being too initial. Rather, « fun » selections from vibrant discussion, opting for a hike, or having

discreet intercourse

five full minutes after satisfying up.

« i am looking problems. »

Got just a bit of a

bad son

move? Making use of this reaction interests ladies who enjoy a touch of exhilaration within lives.

In the same way the previous illustration of « fun » is actually ambiguous, « trouble » has actually an even more polarizing result but will attract females that are looking to explore their unique darker part. Remember, most of globally is actually a spot of safety and monotony for most females. In order to establish apart by playing into a « bad guy » archetype to provide upwards something you should shake-up her world somewhat.

« I’m in search of chemistry »

Talking on the internet is a very important factor, but fulfilling up is how you’ll see when you have some chemistry. Absolutely singular strategy for finding this completely –

meeting up for a date

– but this reaction also indicates that you may have some knowledge about women (in other words. you-know-what insufficient chemistry is like) and wish to go after a relationship.

« Seriously? »

Require some time and energy to think about your objectives? This reaction can buy you sometime but additionally offer the girl some pleasure. By wishing a couple of seconds along with your « real » feedback, it is possible to reveal your own intentions in a manner that shows just a bit of susceptability and lays out your motives.

Amusing answers: nonsense & non-sequiturs

Laughter goes quite a distance on internet dating programs. Elect to reply in a fashion that showcases your own witty banter and imagination. Below are a few instances:

  • « I’m peanut butter looking my jelly. »

  • « Ma’am, this is certainly a Wendy’s. »

  • « I’m looking for the Holy Grail »

  • « simply your own license and enrollment, ma’am. »

Responses of these nonsensical kinds additionally offer the big event of keeping situations unclear. Most likely, you might not need to display the motives until satisfying up-and observing the other person.

« i am selecting a hookup. »

You’ve talked right up a bit, possibly alluded to some hot enjoyable, and she pops you with the « What are you shopping for on Tinder? » question.

Time for you to state your own intentions


This drive method works should you think that she actually is looking a no-strings-attached encounter.

If she claims « me as well » subsequently begin asking for strategies to generally meet and let the games begin.

It must be noted that this reaction is high-risk, as some women can be switched off by talking about gender with complete strangers (even if they’ve every goal of making love right away). On the other hand, some ladies appreciate as soon as you move the chase. Its your responsibility to determine when is suitable.

« I don’t have any expectations. I Simply will satisfy cool men and women and see where it goes… »

This might appear to be a non-committal solution, but she might asking issue to suss any guys which could be also clingy or those that make an effort to shoehorn an union in if your wanting to’ve also fulfilled.

This response also takes pressure off any preconceived objectives and implies that you have possibilities.

« Someone as if you. »

If you’re having a good discussion and she desires to understand what you are searching for on Tinder, be strong. Inform their « some one as if you ». It is an incredibly flattering reaction and performs to her ego – all of which enhance the likelihood of satisfying upwards directly.

Bear in mind that some ladies may misinterpret this as a weird remark when you haven’t invested the full time talking or she’sn’t shared adequate about by herself for you to cast this particular judgment about their.

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